Are You Seeking After School
Activities For Your Kids?
Fed Up and Frustrated Spending
Hours Searching the Internet?

The After School Activities and Crafts download contains over 200 pages of printable activities which will keep your kids occupied for hours!

Let’s face it, no matter how much you try to find a range of printable activities to keep your children busy, you often run out of ideas and it’s too easy to just sit them in front of the television or computer.

Well, Quickcraft now has the answer…

The After School Activities and Crafts download is suitable for ages 4-13 and is crammed full of kids craft activities, providing your children with hours of fun educational activities. So you can say goodbye to struggling with your limited free time trying to…

  • Find books for your children.
  • Photocopy printable coloring pages.
  • Search the internet whilst being bombarded with annoying pop-ups.

Quick and simple to use – this download contains over 200 printable pages for children to make and do. Choose from masks, puzzles, writing sheets, alphabets, fingerpuppets, craft and cooking recipes, poems and so much more. ALL PRINTABLE AND READY TO GO.Instantly downloadable

Simply choose your activity and print unlimited copies!

So What Does the After School Activities and Crafts Download Contain?

Here are just some of the activities contained in this download. It will keep your children occupied for hours…

  • Birthday balloons.
  • Circus crepe paper art.
  • Join the dot dinosaurs.
  • Aussie Animal Craft Sewing Sheets.
  • How to grow crystals.
  • Shiny paint.
  • Thumb print alphabet.
  • Bookmarks.
  • Make your own easy puzzles.
  • Printable board games.
  • Spaghetti building.
  • Foil photo frames.
  • Fun alphabet.
  • Cool cornstarch finger paint.
  • Recipes.
  • Masks.
  • Printable door hangers.
  • Simple rain detector.
  • Paper mache beads.
  • Name tags.
  • Hand horses.
  • Multi-cultural pasta flags.
  • Printable cool sunglasses.
  • Crayon mash.
  • Decorative tiles.
  • Kids colouring pages.
  • Hide and seek activities.
  • Printable snap game.
  • Weekly calendar.

After School Activities download

Why wait… Keep your kids occupied for hours with over 200 printable pages of after school craft activities.



Quickcraft testimonial“I have been in the child care field both long day care and now family day care for 15 years and the only thing that frustrates me is not being able to locate practical pictures, age appropriate games, recipes and craft ideas quick enough to keep the children’s interest.

As a coordinator in a family day care scheme I run a play session and instead of looking in 10 books for relevant materials I simply choose the Quickcraft title that suits my needs the most and off I go. No more lost originals, no more looking in 10 books for one topic and most of all I can share ideas with my carers. They are an invaluable resource.”

Cathy, Co-ordinator Inner City Family Day Care
Townsville, QLD, Australia


Simple To UseAdobe PDF icon

All activities are presented in an Adobe Acrobat format for ease of use and to ensure that they can be viewed and printed on either an MS Windows or Mac platform. The Adobe Acrobat reader is freely available from Adobe’s web site.

After School Activities download

Why wait… Keep your kids occupied for hours with over 200 printable pages of after school craft activities.